Gary’s Tackle Box Guide to Freshwater Fishing

Gary’s Tackle Box Guide to Freshwater Fishing

For most people, freshwater fishing is one of the easiest ways to get in to fishing. Rivers, lakes and ponds are scattered all across the country and are invariably full of wildlife. Many national parks play host to at least one body of freshwater and as much as they
provide a tourist attraction in and of themselves, these are perfect locations to take the family for a picnic and do a bit of fishing at the same time. The different habitats will provide different challenges so it can be exciting to visit as many bodies of water as possible.

River and Stream Fishing

Fishing in flowing water can prove to be a challenge to catch the wily fish that are constantly moving, looking for food or just swimming to avoid being swept downstream. It is also an ideal environment for fishing without using a boat as anglers can set up their site on the bank of the river and maybe even wait for the fish to come to them.

Rivers yield a multitude of different species of fish and some also play host to a unique event that only occurs a handful of times per year, spawning season. Watching recently spawned fish can be great fun to watch but timing it right can give an opportunity for a good haul.

Streams can be equally challenging, as they usually play host to perhaps the most famous fish for anglers, the trout. Trout fishing can be fun for beginners and veterans alike, as they are smart fish that are used to seeing the caster’s line, adding an extra aspect to the contest between man and fish.

Stillwater Fishing

Pond fishing is one of the best methods for getting into fishing. The still water and often, still fish in the ponds make it easy to make quick catches, and advanced anglers might return to ponds now and then to use low tech equipment to challenge their basic skills. Smaller fish tend to live in ponds too, meaning that beginners do not have to go overboard on heavy lines and complicated tackle with game fish more likely to be found in lakes.

With the growth in popularity of bass fishing, Gary’s Tackle Box and the fishing equipment manufacturers have experienced a boon for lake fishing and the equipment needed to fish for the bigger species. Lakes are good to start out on too, but some beginners might find it trickier to reel in the larger game fish.

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