Gary’s Tackle Box Guide to Great US Trophy Fish Locations

Gary’s Tackle Box Guide to Great US Trophy Fish Locations

North America is home to competition fishing, local competitions soon turned into international tournaments that attract the world’s best anglers. The trophy catches are scored according to the overall length of the specimen, weighing fish on board a boat proves to be quite difficult so a photograph taken with a uniform item for reference is used instead. Because the US is home to some of the world’s greatest fishing competitions, Gary’s Tackle Box has compiled a guide to some of the best places that anyone can go and catch a trophy.

Freshwater Trophies

Alaska plays host to the most northern of trophy style fishing. Sheefish, which resemble the tarpon, a famous trophy fish, find their home in the Selawik Valley, a remote location that budding anglers need to fly to get to. One of the greatest difficulties in catching one of these large fish is just the distance from civilisation; a guide is highly recommended when travelling out as far as Selawik.

Walleye fish are not the most attractive looking creatures but there is a chance of catching an IGFA World Record size monster at Lake of the Woods in Minnesota. Lake of the Woods also offers another great opportunity for experienced fishermen as come winter, parts of the lake freeze over and the ice fishing is beyond compare.

Bass fishing and the United States competitions are synonymous and it is impossible to pick the best bass lake in the country. However, there is one lake which stands out because of just how many large basses can be caught there. Castaic Lake, California has been host to scores of bass that weigh in around 20 lbs and most people who visit the area frequently managing to land bass 15 lbs.

Saltwater Trophies

Most saltwater angler’s dream of catching their first shark and Massachusetts Bay is an ideal location to catch one of the ocean’s most feared predators. Straight out of Boston, mako sharks are plentiful and are the perfect opponent for experienced fishermen. A 1000 lb mako is well known for attacking competitors however, so extra care must be taken when landing one.

Tarpons are another classic trophy fish that many saltwater fishermen aim to grab on the open water. Boca Grande in Florida is one of the best places to find the 200+lb fish which is always provide an exciting chase.

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