Saltwater Fishing Tips from Gary’s Tackle Box

Saltwater Fishing Tips from Gary’s Tackle Box

Saltwater fishing involves much more than just standing in a boat in the middle of the ocean or casting from a pier – there are so many different saltwater locations that offer unique challenges to the keen angler. From the North Atlantic to the Southern Pacific, the coastline is incredibly varied and offers a rich diversity of fish that all require different skills and techniques to land them. Beginners can work themselves up from pier fishing right up to going for the giants of the sea while in charge of a fishing vessel.

Starting off in Saltwater

Because of its ease of access and less challenging aspects, surf or pier fishing is a great entry to the sport. It is still popular with veterans however, who might just want a relaxing couple of hours’ worth of angling. As ever, it is important to grab the correct tackle and bait from Gary’s Tackle Box for the species that are likely to be encountered and determine which techniques will be most likely to catch them. Finally, pack the fishing licence and then check the tide times, fish feed at different times whether the tide is high or low so this can be crucial to a good day’s fish.

Pier fishing will prove to be a more rewarding experience, particularly as a beginner because of how many different depths that piers typically cover. Different species of fish can be found at varying depths and the pier will give the best access to all of them, requiring a range of techniques.

Surf fishing might be a little trickier, although it does give anglers the opportunity to wade out into deeper water. Finding a good spot to surf fish will be harder than on the pier, but it does have the advantage of more space so that more anglers can fish at once.

The Deep

Deep water fishing requires a host of different techniques to those employed on the shore. Not least because of the weather and local topography will be an obstacle in itself to overcome. With a good guide or captain however, deep sea fishing will be a rewarding experience where the big fish like 1000 lb Marlins can be caught with some perseverance and clever baiting skills. Recommended for intermediate and advanced anglers, deep sea fishing will be a true test of a fisherman’s capabilities.

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